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What we do

ningupex delivers ISOBUS core technologies and applications based on ISO 11783. Leading manufacturers of the agricultural industry trust in our expertise and have incorporated our technology in their products with great success. Our constant updates on ISOBUS standards and usage of current technology guarantee a high standard and always up-to-date products.

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Our main products are
Beside these products we offer components and libraries, like CAN bus library, that integrate well in any development environment and enables manufacturers to develop their own ISOBUS based products.

AEF conformance testing

Performance and inter-operability of our software is regularly tested with the AEF conformance test and directly with other manufactures on occasion of AEF Plugfest. These testing measurements ensure high-quality standards of all our components.

Virtual Terminal (VT)

The Virtual Terminal is the user interface to ISOBUS and consists of a touch display, a number of softkeys and sometimes also physical buttons or knobs. It allows to control all implements, like a sprayer or seeder, that are connected to the ISOBUS. Implements (also called ECU) usually bring their own software graphical interface that, once connected, is uploaded to the VT for display. The information of the implement is displayed on the VT and can be controlled by an operator.

The VT is the center of the ISOBUS environment and an important part to operate a machine. It's therefore crucial to support the latest ISOBUS standard and to ensure a high quality of implementation to work flawlessly with all attached implements.

The Virtual Terminal consists of three main parts (from left to right):

  • Setup: ISOBUS setup and selection of current ECU
  • Data mask: presentation of the selected ECU
  • Softkeys: keys to control selected ECU

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Since VT is displaying elements always according to the request and description of the implement, design and functionality of data mask and softkeys are sole responsibility of the implement's manufacturer.

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In ISOBUS settings basic adjustments of the VT can be done, like language and metrics changes, more complex adjustments are also possible, like carrying out auxiliary assignments, and even a developer tool like CAN bus logging is provided.

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Technical specifications (VT)
  • UT version 6 feature complete *
  • Modular layered VT architecture (CAN message processing, pool storage, user interface handling, drawing algorithms, host interface with drawing primitives)
  • Support of simultaneous graphical display of multiple ECUs with any zoom factor
  • Support of any display resolution
  • Free configurable GUI layout for masks and softkeys
  • Implements semi-transparent drag & drop, two finger gestures
  • Qt based reference implementation with anti-aliased rendering
  • Alarm handling and sound output
* except GraphicsContext object is only parsed
Task Controller (TC)

The Task Controller is an interface between Farm Management System (FMIS) and the agricultural machine. The FMIS, which often is a PC application, can create tasks that include various information that is transferred to the TC using USB or SD card. When a task is started, the logging allows to collect data from an implement, e.g. the amount of fertilizer applied by a sprayer. The logged data can be saved back to the FMIS. This is an easy way to use the TC to document work performance. The data logging and data exchange is done by using the ISO-XML data format.

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Geometry settings like booms, section and working width are visualized and can be adjusted.

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More complex usage can be achieved by adding GPS information to the system, which allows the tracking of the current position. Together with prescription maps, the TC can apply fertilizer or pesticides accurately based on the current location and the prior received work description.

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Technical specifications (TC)
  • ISOBUS Task Controller service implementation based on current standard TC version 4
  • TC-BAS: support of basic Task Controller functionality
  • TC-GEO: support of site-specific application including the processing of both grid types (1 & 2) and polygon-based treatment zones
  • Depending on the current position the appropriate task and part field can be determined
File Server (FS)

The File Server is providing storage space for all devices connected to the ISOBUS to store and retrieve configuration and information data. Data can be stored on internal or portable memory devices. Basic commands of a file system are supported.

The File Server comes without any proprietary GUI.

Technical specifications (FS)
  • Core ISOBUS File Server service implementation
  • Compatible with ISO11783-13 second edition (2011)
  • Separation of CAN bus and file operations
More ISOBUS projects
Download test version

Follow the instructions of the installation and setup guide

Download current program version: vt service from 2018-05-25

Supported platforms
Supported CAN interfaces

Dakotasoft Translator, Lawicel, Komodo, Peak, Peak Wireless, SocketCAN, Systec, Vector, VScom net-can and others


ningupex was started by Stefan Richter more than 10 years ago and has been steadily growing since then. We are having a great team that is enthusiastic about ISOBUS and enjoys serving our clients.

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